Why Choose Custom Drapes?
We do it all for you...
Custom Draperies allows many choices that will fit your specific needs.
  • We'll take care of the sunlight and privacy if necessary.
  •  We'll do all the measurements.
  • We'll provide you a large selection of designs.
  •  We'll show you several different fabric color palette and hardware choices.
We'v been making draperies in our workroom for the last 38 years
Hardware painted and crafted with finest crystal in the world.
All draperies are go through a 7 steps quality control, prepared and labeled for installers.
Our Professional installers will move the furniture, Install and clean up once completed.
Let Me Show You How It Works!
1- Schedule your call & show us your project that you are working on.
2- We'll come to visit you at your home to show you all that you need. 
3- We'll help you select many designs from our design gallery.
- Our Design Gallery offers a large selection of designs to choose from. 
- We'll help you select the perfect design that compliments your home decor.
We'll Help you Select Right Colors & Textures:
Our Designer pre-selected fabrics allows you to get the full luxurious feel 
of your new draperies in the comfort of your own home. 
In less than few hours, you have selected and put together the
 entire drapery project, what normally would have taken weeks to do...
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We Stand behind all of our work as we have been doing for the last 38 years!
What our customers have to say about us.
Galaxy Design Have Everything That You Need. 
I Love my drapes, they look stunning. The process was very easy and pleasant.

-Alaverez, California
 Call Now 866-215-3173